Preparing for Lent

Lenten Devotions

There will be a variety of Lenten devotions offered throughout Lent. Every Wednesday at 5:15pm, these devotions will be followed by a meal in our Parish Hall, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Charles H Phillips Council 14351, and their wives. Everyone is welcome! A good-will offering is asked for. A complete memu will be available in the March Bulletin and here on this website.

Lenten Regulations

Lent is a 40-day period of reflection, prayer, penance, and acts of charity for all Catholics.

Ash Wednesday (March 6th) and Good Friday (April 19th) are Holy Days of Obligation and the most important days of penance in our Liturgical Year. Fasting and abstinence* are required on these two days.
All Fridays in Lent are days of abstinence. The rule of *abstinence refers to the eating of meat, and applies to all Catholics 14 and older.

Rules of Fasting

Only one full meal a day can be eaten. Two small meals, "sufficient to maintain strength" are allowed, but together they should not equal a full meal. Eating between meals breaks the fast. Drinking liquids does not.

All Catholics aged 18-59 are obligated to observe the fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
Those whose work or health would be impaired are excused from fasting and abstaining. An individual's conscience must decide this.

Self-imposed fasting on other days throughout Lent is recommended as penance. Abstinence on all Fridays throughout the year is highly recommended. Parents and teachers should make sure that even those too young to observe fasting and abstinence understand the full importance of the Lenten season its penitential atmosphere.

He is Risen